Wood Carving Traditions Survive Here

Woodecors is based in Dongyang City, which is well-known as the Hometown of Woodcaving in China. The tradition of woodcarving can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (Year 618-907). The heritage house of the powerful officials of that time tells the glory and prosperity of the local woodcarving business in history. The city now remains the most concentrated place of certified wood carving masters.

Production tools have changed dramatically in the last two decades, hand-carving has been mostly replaced by CNC routers, a lot of experienced wood carvers have left this traditional industry. And the wood-carving business coninues shrinking. To me, the passion and enthusiasm on woodcarving never faded, but are still growing stronger. Woodecors' mission is supplying quality wood products at affordable prices to worldwide.

Having been in this business for 17 years and experienced personally the great change that occurred in this field, I hope the woodcarving tradition could be getting more prosperous in the next decade.