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PAIR of Deep Relief Leaf Carved Wood Rosette Onlay, Available in 8 Sizes

PAIR of Deep Relief Leaf Carved Wood Rosette Onlay, Available in 8 Sizes

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Deep Relief Leaf Rosette Wood Applique Onlay

Two rosettes for each order. Supplied unfinished.

Images show in White Oak with color differences.

8 diameters are available:

Size#1 Dia 1-1/2"

Item: ROS-DR01X01AG

1-1/2"Diameter, 1/2"Thick 

38mmDiameter, 12mmThick

Size#2 Dia 2"

Item: ROS-DR02X01AG

2"Diameter,  5/8"Thick 

 51mmDiameter, 15mmThick

Size#3 Dia 2-1/2"

Item: ROS-DR03X01AG

2-1/2"Diameter,  3/4"Thick 

64mmDiameter, 19mmThick

Size#4 Dia 3"

Item: ROS-DR03X01AG

3"Diameter,  7/8"Thick 

76mmDiameter, 22mmThick

Size#5 Dia 3-1/2"

Item: ROS-DR03X01AG

3-1/2"Diameter,  7/8"Thick 

89mmDiameter, 22mmThick

Size#6 Dia 4-1/4"

Item: ROS-DR04X01AG

4-1/4"Diameter, 1"Thick 

108mmDiameter, 25mmThick

Size#7 Dia 5-1/4"

Item: ROS-DR05X01AG

5-1/4"Diameter,  1"Thick 

133mmDiameter, 25mmThick

Size#8 Dia 6-7/8"

Item: ROS-DR07X01AG

6-7/8"Diameter, 1-1/8"Thick 

175mmDiameter, 29mmThick

Hand-made products, sizes are approximate.

This deeply carved rosette, perfect accent for furniture, door and home decoration. If you need different sizes, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

All carvings have been polished with 320-grit paper and are ready to accept stain and painting.

Orders will be shipped in 3-8 business days after payment.

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